Framers Council

Since World War II ended, builders lured buyers with new houses priced to vie with resale, but better built. They may now be extinct.

Lawmakers in several states, led by Nevada, are moving to rein in construction-defect laws, a change that would curtail allegedly frivolous litigation but also make it more difficult for homeowners with legitimate claims to sue home builders over flaws.

Many home builders, large and small, east and west, believe that the financial fate and fortunes of their organizations this year hinge on demand for their new homes this year, but they know it all hinges—at least as much—on labor supply.

One of America's biggest lumberyards has begun ramping up promotion of a framing system that it says represents a big advancement in home construction and that some framers applaud, but also has some skeptics questioning whether a majority of framers will embrace it.

Savvy builders know that a panelized building system is the one of the most efficient ways to build a home. Computer-aided design and factory fabrication ensure that everything is straight, true, and level, and greatly reduce the potential for errors in the field.

With SAPPHIRE MobileViewer for Windows, users can receive links to 3D SAPPHIRE architectural BIM models via email and use them for design collaboration on Windows 8.1 tablets, PCs, or Windows Phones.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that occupations in the healthcare and construction fields will be some of the fastest-growing jobs between 2012 and 2022. 

Milwaukee Tool says it has advanced the reciprocating saw category with a new cordless M18 Sawzall Recip Saw, with selling points in durability, speed and runtime.

More than a dozen New York City buildings inspectors and clerks have been charged with exploiting their positions as gateways to the city’s booming real estate industry to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes.

According to a recent ruling by the Nebraska Supreme Court, general contractors that exercise control over the worksite can be sued by a subcontractor’s injured employee.