Building Codes

Believe it or not, officials in Louisiana and Florida, states that can have high wind loading and flooding causing buoyancy, are trying to scale back their states’ building codes in an effort to decrease the regulatory burden and help drive down home costs.

Steel has an obvious advantage in that its core ingredients are fire resistant. So, that begs the question that shouldn’t more steel structures be speced and built?

The week of March 12, PIMA staff traveled to North Carolina and Minnesota to advocate for stronger building energy codes.

In the podcast below, Beth Tubbs, a senior staff engineer with the International Code Council Codes and Standards Development department gives an ICC perspective on the organization’s role in helping building designers understand and apply the code as it relates to fire performance.

A new ASTM International standard will support the use of stucco in the construction industry. The new standard (soon to be published as C1860) was developed by the ASTM International committee on gypsum and related building materials and systems (C11).

Below are updates provided by the American Chemistry Council and ASHRAE on recent state legislative action affecting energy efficiency and/or the building code.

California Public Utilities Commission has recently outlined requirements for Zero Net Energy Homes. As spelled out in the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, the state has ambitious goals for the development of zero net energy buildings.

The following is a summary of code change proposals to the 2018 International Building Code (IBC) which have been submitted by various foam plastic insulation associations, including the FSC, XPSA, PIMA, and CPI. 

Four state legislatures recently took action on measures that would have a significantly negative impact on the adoption of progressive energy code provisions.

At the recent 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference, Jay Crandell (ARES Consulting) and Amy Schmidt (Dow Building and Construction) gave a presentation titled “Stranger Things – The Energy Code Myths that Haunt Us”.