Building Codes

A question that can arise during the building design, plan review and inspection process, particularly as it relates to the use of innovative materials sealed by registered design professional (RDP) or approved source, is how an authority having jurisdiction should handle code compliance.

The evidence supporting the effectiveness of NFPA 285 is very strong. Moreover, history bears out this conclusion as found in this report sponsored by DuPont.

Below are updates on state and local changes to the building code that will have an impact on the building envelope.

Unfortunately, there are those that have connoted desktop studies of the U.K. with scientific or engineering evaluations in the U.S., but nothing could be further from the truth.

“Accepted engineering practice” leads to science based technical evaluations or research reports prepared by an approved source, which is a person or company that is “competent and experienced in the application of engineering principles to materials, methods or systems analyses”. 

SBCA is pleased to announce the publication of SBCA Research Report 1304-03, which provides best practice documentation to share with specifiers, the fire service and building officials who need help with fire-resistance techniques for L-type wall assembly connections on your jobsite.

In partnership with AIA, IES, and USGBC and with support from the DOE, ASHRAE is developing a new series of Advanced Energy Design Guides focusing on achieving zero energy performance.   

Builders and designers in Canada are changing the way they build in response to these codes. ICFs give Canadian building professionals the way to meet the new codes with proven technology that also delivers a more comfortable, enjoyable home.

The green building sector is getting ready for the Jan. 1, 2019 deadline for all HERS raters to use an amendment that puts smaller homes on a level playing field.

A City Council proposal to encourage building projects that create as much energy as they use is due to be unveiled in the fall — but developers warned it may not be practical.