Green Building

Beginning Dec. 1, all new homes built in KB Home's communities in San Antonio will be 

Massachusetts has replaced California at the top of the Energy Scorecard Top 10, which measures the states' efforts to plan and implement efficient energy policies.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has urged U.S. builders to prioritize wood in green buildings. He made the recommendation after the Forest Service concluded in a new report that using wood in building products yields fewer greenhouse gases than using common materials. 

The ICC and ASHRAE have collaborated to create a publication with the most innovative energy-efficiency requirements for residential and commercial buildings.

Home Star may be dead, but that's not the end of home improvement companies' interest in weatherization. Far from abandoning the idea, an increasing number of companies are remaking themselves as “energycontractors.”

Net-zero energy homes may be the hot new thing at the moment, but Josh Wynne Construction has already begun looking—and building—past that. Their new home also doubles as an energy production plant in its own right, producing extra power to feed back into the grid.

While such events are thought to be rare, concerns in Massachusetts about several recent structure fires involving spray foam has brought the issue of heat caused by exothermic chemical reactions during the application process into the spotlight.

Dow Building Solutions, in collaboration with Cobblestone Homes, announced the completion of a 12-home energy efficiency test community in Midland, Mich.

Some builders get as good performance from 2x4s as from competing systems–and for less cost–by doubling up the frame.

Four new polls in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Maine indicate state residents strongly support federal and state energy efficiency standards and policies.