SBCA has put together a series of tables comparing changes to SYP design values in an Excel spreadsheet with separate tabs for each size.

In a letter to ALSC, FPL determined that SPIB's revised version of the design values were developed using ASTM standards or other technically sound criteria and as such "represent an appropriate estimate of the Southern Pine design values at this time.”

Looking at the top ten SBC Industry News headlines for the year, it was evident that the Southern Pine design value issue was the most heavily followed story because it commanded all ten spots!

SBCA will be following the Obamacare regulation development process very closely over the coming months and will be providing updated information and analysis for component manufacturer employers.

On December 12, 2012, SPIB submitted new recommendations to the ALSC regarding changes to SP design values.

The Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index tumbled 28 points during the fourth quarter to -11, as businesses became increasingly worried about next year’s financial prospects.

After several postponements and “phase-in” periods, OSHA’s 2010 directive on fall protection for residential construction finally goes into effect on December 15.

Now that the election-generated dust has settled, employers are left wondering how the results will impact their operations in the coming four years.

Here’s what Obama’s re-election may mean for housing.

What does President Barack Obama’s winning re-election bid mean for the future of OSHA and occupational health and safety in general?