OSHA held a public event on March 25 at the International Masonry Institute in Bowie, Md., to announce a final rule to protect workers by reducing their exposure to respirable silica dust. 

Although legislation to overhaul the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is under near-final consideration, states continue to consider restrictions on chemicals.

South Carolina Senate Bill 1164, recently introduced, would remove from State law any part of the State code relating to energy efficiency. 

The House passed three energy bills by voice vote March 14.

At the end of last month, the U.S. Supreme Court announced a decision that could have far-reaching effects in the residential building industry. 

A lumber yard is suing a Houston home builder and his company, alleging failure to pay for completed work.

The Connecticut General Assembly Public Safety Committee has rejected a state Senate bill that would authorize local governments to mandate fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes.

House Bill 1472, Fire Safety Construction Act of 2016, has been introduced in the Maryland legislature.

A federal agency has proposed training standards for entry-level commercial truck and bus drivers that are intended to improve safety.

 The Department of Commerce imposed tariffs of as much as 266 percent on imports of cold-rolled steel after determining they were priced unfairly.