Digital Documents Ensure Better Delivery


Digital Documents Ensure Better Delivery

SBCA’s electronic Jobsite Packages improve risk management

A display of a variety of jobsite package documents

SBCA’s Jobsite Package is likely the most economical risk management tool a component manufacturer (CM) can deploy. And sending an electronic copy ahead of time gets the information into a customer’s hands sooner in the process while also making the information more transferrable and easier to share.

Justin Donecker, plant manager for Engineered Truss Systems, Inc. (ETSI), jumped at the chance to differentiate his company by incorporating electronic Jobsite Packages into his process. “Because we’re smaller,” Justin explains, “we have the ability to move and make changes quickly. So when I see a new thing like the electronic Jobsite Packages that we can take advantage of, I go for it. ”Justin’s company has been handing out paper versions of the Jobsite Package for a long time, but he’s aware that “those documents are often getting left in the bag.” That’s particularly concerning when he walks out onto a jobsite and finds a lack of bracing or improperly nailed girders only to learn that the Jobsite Package is still in someone’s work truck. 

A tablet displaying a jobsite package

Each page of the package contains a space at the bottom to display the job number, jobsite address, customer name and CM’s company logo.

“It’s tough because you can look at a girder and know, just by glancing at it, that it doesn’t have enough nails, or isnʼt screwed together properly, or thereʼs a half inch gap,” Justin points out. “Then I have to track the right person down and tell them to get it fixed.”

Justin has been adding electronic Jobsite Packages to the paperwork he submits to the city for each project and the feedback has all been positive. “The people we’re sending them to are extremely impressed. Plus, they like that it’s green and we’re not cluttering up their desks with a bunch of paper,” Justin adds. In addition, the documents can be viewed easily on an iPad or tablet, making access in the office or on the jobsite even more convenient. “When an inspector shows up on a jobsite, he has all of the documents in his pocket.”

Stacked trusses with a jobsite package attached to them

SBCA rolled out the electronic versions of four of the most widely utilized packages in late 2017. The SBCAdocs website (allows CMs online digital access to:

  1. Standard Jobsite Package
  2. Long Span Jobsite Package
  3. Floor Truss Jobsite Package
  4. Wall Panel Jobsite Package

The pages of the electronic Jobsite Package documents have all been formatted specifically for viewing on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. In addition, each page of the package contains a space at the bottom to display the job number, jobsite address, customer name and CM’s company logo.

Including these guidelines with every shipment not only helps your customers handle, store, brace and install components more effectively, it also proactively fulfills your company’s obligation to genuinely warn and instruct with regard to your products. Moreover, adding electronic Jobsite Packages to your process is an economical, easy way to set yourself apart in your market. They also give you another way to ensure the trusses and wall panels you’re providing are being properly installed. For Justin, that’s exactly the kind of risk management he likes. “Theoretically,” he concludes, “everybody is seeing it, and all of those copies means someone is making sure it's actually being done right.” 

About the Author: Molly Butz searches for the ways information technology shapes and fosters ingenuity in the component manufacturing industry.