Gathering Intel on Codes Will Bolster Your Business’s Success!


Gathering Intel on Codes Will Bolster Your Business’s Success!

SBCA is seeking CMs who can help us help each of you!

Every component manufacturer (CM) can be directly affected by local, state, and national building codes on every job they do. 

The model International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Building Code (IBC) are updated regularly on three-year cycles, and states and municipalities generally use these models codes as a starting point for their own building codes. More often than not, state and local code jurisdictions consider numerous amendments to the model code to meet a specific need or solve a local problem. It is typically these local modifications that have the biggest impact on a CM’s design and manufacturing process as it relates to the building department plan review and inspection process. 

Because building codes provide a set of minimum regulations that influence the way the construction industry operates, SBCA endeavors to help CMs continually monitor changes in legislation and ordinances as they relate to the building code. 

For CMs, this monitoring may involve attending state and local Home Builder Association (HBA) code committee meetings or building official association meetings, getting involved with state and local code adoption efforts, or meeting with building officials. Because all code adoption and code change efforts occur at the local level, it makes sense that SBCA members should be at the forefront of this activity. 

“If you are not following and participating in the adoption process while it is going on, you end up having to chase it afterwards when it is ten times harder to get something out of the code,” says Rick Parrino, general manager at Plum Building Systems in Waukee, Iowa, and chair of SBCA’s Advocacy Committee. “CMs can easily get stuck with the consequences of a bad code provision, but if you follow and participate, you can at least be prepared for what is coming and get in front of your customers as to what the impact of a new code proposal could be on them.”

SBCA’s crucial role is its involvement in the initial model code development process. Armed with this knowledge and background information with respect to how the model code was developed, SBCA staff can provide insight and assistance to CMs in any state or market where the code proposal and amendments under consideration may be detrimental to their businesses. 

To help ensure SBCA provides its members with the best available information in a timely manner, we are looking for CMs across the country who are willing and able to communicate code and other legislative activity taking place in their state and local municipalities. If you are someone who follows regulatory actions occurring in your markets, please contact us at We would love to get you involved in our network of code and regulation trackers across the U.S.

“The sooner our association knows about a proposed code change, the sooner we can get in and try to educate others on the potential consequences,” Rick says. “Individual component manufacturers are not alone –
as an association we have a voice. If we build our relationships with our local governmental officials, legislators, building officials, and city administrators, we have someone to work with as these issues come up.” 

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About the Author: TJ Jerke tackles local, state, and federal issues that impact the daily operations of component manufacturers, and explores what they can do to advocate for their needs in the marketplace.