President's Message: The Rubber Has Hit the Road

President's Message

President's Message: The Rubber Has Hit the Road

SBCA members have begun the process of fleshing out the new strategic plan

One-hundred and twenty people can get a lot accomplished when they are all fully engaged in an activity.

In my last message (March 2020) I shared how SBCA’s strategic plan was drafted based on the responses from twenty-three percent (105) of the member and eight percent (52) of the non-member component manufacturers (CMs) we surveyed. Based on that robust input, the SBCA executive committee and standing committee chairs and co-chairs developed four strategic goals for the trade association over the next five years (to learn more about the strategic plan go to

At the first SBCA Open Quarterly Meeting (OQM) of the year in Miami, Florida, the rubber hit the road and we began the process of parsing out the tasks necessary to meet those four strategic goals. We divided those in attendance into five “Strike Forces,” charged with identifying and articulating those initiatives and tasks, including completion dates (see below for the focus area of each strike force).

As I walked around the room and listened in on the conversations, I was encouraged by everyone’s commitment to the process. No one was taking the discussions lightly, and it was exciting to see everyone taking so much ownership of our association and focusing on what CMs responded they want from SBCA. It is hard to describe the positive buzz that filled the room as CMs and suppliers envisioned what our association can do for our industry going forward.

I want to thank the SBCA committee chairs and co-chairs; they really stepped up in leading the Strike Forces. They are all planning regular teleconferences over the coming months to keep the momentum going and add more detail to the initial tasks identified at the Miami meeting. We will all get together again at the May OQM in West Virginia and continue this process. It is only the first step, but I already think this experience may forever change the way we strategically organize our association planning at OQMs.

Please join us at the West Virginia OQM. There has never been a better time to get engaged in SBCA, and the Strike Forces will benefit from having your point of view. Beyond association work, there is no better place to learn from experienced veterans operating across the country. SBCA is here to ensure CMs don’t have to figure out everything on their own. OQMs provide a place where you can ask a question and immediately get a hundred valuable perspectives that can make your business better.

I’d love to see 150 people in West Virginia focused on bettering themselves and this great industry. 

Strike Force 1
SBCA will update and finalize a Unified Data Standard (UDS), educate leaders on the need for and use of a UDS, and advocate for UDS-compliant machinery as an industry best practice.

Strike Force 2
SBCA will provide templates, tools and other resources designed to improve member company strategic leadership and decision-making surrounding lumber, technology and equipment.

Strike Force 3
SBCA will create a CM Leadership Summit to support face-to-face discussion of best practices and peer community development.

Strike Force 4
SBCA will implement a multi-mode education delivery strategy to allow for face-to-face, online and digital education and training.

Strike Force 5
SBCA will support industry and, when possible, member company efforts to educate and create positive perceptions among students and others interested in our industry.

Mike Ruede, SBCA President