Truss Bracing: Which Would You Rather Install?


Truss Bracing: Which Would You Rather Install?

A full-scale truss bracing demo was an eye-catching feature of the BCMC 2017 show floor.

Safe, reliable bracing shouldn’t be a baffling or arduous chore for framers! Look for more testing from SBCRI as SBCA works to develop a more framer-friendly approach to bracing.

Bracing Model with Engineers

BCSI bracing guidelines were developed to ensure trusses don’t buckle when framers add construction loads during installation. As this group of engineers proved on the BCMC show floor, simpler bracing that is limited to the web member plane might turn out to be a viable alternative. Here, in SBCA’s first ad hoc test, the trusses proved more than sufficient to resist the asymmetrical loading of a group standing on the bottom chord.