What Purchasing Agents Are Probably Saying Behind Your Back


What Purchasing Agents Are Probably Saying Behind Your Back

BCMC Session: From Keynote Presentation to Implementation with Your Team
Bradley Hartmann, Behind Your Back Sales Co.


“You are owed nothing, deliver value first!” 

Bradley Hartmann speaking at the BCMC keynote presentation

This is Bradley Hartmann’s mantra when talking to building material suppliers and component manufacturers (CMs) about improving their sales techniques to builders of all sizes. His prior experience in purchasing for Pulte Homes and growing up in an LBM environment create a unique perspective CMs can learn from. In an industry where competitors often struggle to differentiate themselves from each other, Bradley offers advice on how to stand out from the competition, moving the conversation from price to value. 

Bradley points out that “people buy when they are in need or want to grow,” presenting two ways CMs can sell products to their customers. If CMs are able to offer insights into their customers’ businesses to help them grow or perform more efficiently, they are much more likely to win business. Beyond insight, people want to buy when they are knowledgeable and in control. This can be accomplished through a CM sales staff that articulates what value beyond the competition a particular CM can provide to a buyer. That value needs to be backed up with tangible facts as opposed to generic hyperbole. Bradley contends that in the absence of that clear value proposition, buyers will make decisions based solely on price. 

Through his Behind Your Back Sales Co., Bradley shares examples learned after years on both sides of the purchasing equation. Beyond speaking engagements, Bradley also offers a regular podcast that will feature Scott Ward of Southern Components and Tim Noonan of Cascade Mfg Co in an upcoming episode. It was recorded at BCMC and focuses on the current state of the component industry, CM issues, and emerging trends.