Builder Promotes Themselves as a Green Solution

Originally published by: Coast Explorer OnlineDecember 19, 2011

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Sustainability is the cornerstone of Winton Global. It isn't just a buzzword; it's who they are, how they build and what they stand for. One of the practical ways their plan is easy on the environment is that they employ sustainable construction practices. As an example, wood waste is a large percentage of waste on a normal, non-sustainable construction site. Winton Global uses computerized saws so that each piece of wood is cut to fit, bringing wood waste down from 22 percent to 4 percent. This also saves time and money in another way: there isn't as much to haul away for disposal.

Winton manufactures quality pre-fabricated home and cottage packages with premium Winton brand dimensional lumber. The Company also owns the forests where the lumber is obtained, so every time they take out a tree, they plant another one - another aspect of sustainability. As panelized home manufacturers, they deliver all materials to the site, pre-cut and ready to go. They also manufacture engineered wood products including roof trusses, floor systems and wall panels that can be purchased as separate building components. Interested in going "off grid?" There are three solar packages available, all with solar panels, 400-watt inverters and a battery system, ranging in price from about $14,000 to $18,000.

Not sure what you want your home to look like? Winton's in-house design team can create a plan that suits your lifestyle and reflects your personal taste. In addition, truss technicians can design roof and floor trusses for all types of residential, commercial and agricultural applications. There is a guaranteed price up front, no cost overruns. The components of a home, delivered to the Washington or Oregon Coast, run between $25 and $35 per square foot. There is additional labor cost to put it together - but the savings are obvious. Also, the materials have been pre-built in a climate-controlled environment, which ensures dry product and less room for installation error. Everything is cut to fit - straight walls, doors that fit and nails that don't pop out! This is truly one-stop shopping for an affordable new home, tailored just for you and ready to occupy in much less time than a stick-built home would take - and, you can take a bow for being green!

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