BCMC Build, 5K Run/Walk & a Sneak Peek at the Show Floor

Originally published by: BCMC

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This BCMC week, get day-by-day updates from our man-in-the-field, Jess Lohse, President of Rocky Mountain Truss Co. in Havre MT.

September 20, 2011 — Today was another great day at the build sites! The rain went away, but the mud was a hassle throughout the day. I think everyone was used to it and prepared for it when they showed up early this morning. Jason Blenker and his crew again set the pace and encouraged the group to work through their sore muscles from yesterday by setting a great example. They were responsible for moving the roof structure off of the floor and into the yard so the walls could go up. The entire group really stepped up to the table when it was time to set the walls. In no time the walls were up and the front porch was being constructed to be lifted into place. The most impressive part of the day was setting the roof back on top of the walls. Keith from Palfinger North America worked wonders with his crane skills as the Blenker crew directed and maneuvered the roof structure into place. I’ve long wanted to see a roof structure built on the ground and lifted into place. Now that I have, I can say I am thoroughly impressed. 

Late in the afternoon, I broke away from the build and took a sneak peek at the convention center floor. The exhibitors were working diligently, setting up their booths for all the attendees to see tomorrow. Walking through the hall, I saw many familiar faces, and a lot of exhibitors appear to have new products and ideas to share with us when the floor opens. There were also a lot of new exhibitors that I’m excited to meet and learn about this week. Each year, it seems a new idea or new approach to something we do at my company comes out of BCMC, and each year when it is time to sign up, I fear missing out on the inspiration necessary to form a new approach to doing business in my market. Let’s face it, if you’re still in business, you need to do business and most likely those whom you do business with are at BCMC. Tomorrow I look forward to being able to concentrate on my business without being immersed in the daily grind of five alarm fires and constant distractions. I look at BCMC as my opportunity to “get away” and work on my strategy for the coming year in all facets of our business. 

This evening, Indianapolis was host to the first formal BCMC Run. I say “formal”, because for the past couple of years some plate manufacturers have had some type of a run for their respective attendees. When the BCMC Committee heard about this, we decided to organize a 5K run/walk outing for anyone attending the conference. I wasn’t able to count how many turned out, but it was a very impressive showing. Unofficially, I believe David Mitchell from Engineered Building Design in Iowa crossed the finish line first.  I was very impressed with those I saw running who had been at the build site for two days. A couple of people I recognized from the build and the run were Rick Parrino from Plum Building Systems and Bob Allen from ITW Building Components Group. Great job everybody!

I would also like to say GREAT JOB to everyone on both build sites over the last two days! Everyone who was there contributed and persevered through the elements and challenges the homes presented. I was lucky to meet two of the young girls who will be living in one of the homes. Seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement in their eyes eliminated every scrape, sliver, bruise and sore muscle I’ve earned over the past two days. For those who are in Indy for the show, hopefully you have an opportunity to meet these special young ladies. As for next year, I can attest that I will be there and working on the build, and hopefully some of you who are reading this will be too. I will have the committee start working on its first and most important in-kind donation – the rain! And if for some reason it doesn’t rain, we will do our best to have the Denver Fire Department come in and make some mud for us to work in!

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