FSC Joins the American Chemistry Council

Originally published by: American Chemistry CouncilSeptember 12, 2011

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WASHINGTON – Recognizing ACC’s leadership role in advancing energy efficiency codes, the Foam Sheathing Coalition (an independent organization originally formed in 2007) has voted to become part of ACC’s Plastics Division. At ACC the group will be known as the Foam Sheathing Committee, and will provide technical advocacy to support the benefits of plastic foam sheathing in new building codes offering significant opportunities for synergy with other code-related advocacy.

“We are pleased to welcome the Foam Sheathing Committee to ACC’s Plastics Division, particularly as consumers and policy makers interest in energy efficient buildings continues to grow,” said Steve Russell, Plastics Division Vice President. “Among its many benefits, foam sheathing has proven to be an energy-efficient solution, and has been shown to help buildings reduce GHG emissions.”

“There are tremendous opportunities for foam sheathing in the U.S. construction market,” said Greg Bergtold, Foam Sheathing Committee Chair and past President of the Foam Sheathing Coalition. “Joining the Plastics Division at ACC helps us amplify our industry’s voice and communicate the benefits of our products to key decision makers.”

The Foam Sheathing Committee will operate as a self-funded entity and will be linked to the Plastic Division’s existingBuilding and Construction Team. Current members of the Foam Sheathing Committee include DowJohns ManvilleOwens CorningAtlas Roofing and RMAX, and the group anticipates enhanced linkages to maximize synergies with other associations serving plastic-based insulation products.

ACC’s Plastics Division provides comprehensive issues management services, including strategic counsel, advocacy, regulatory support, research, testing, product stewardship, education, outreach and group administration. Learn more athttp://plastics.americanchemistry.com

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