SBCA’s Lucky 13th Annual Membership Drive

Originally published by: SBCASeptember 6, 2011

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On September 1, 2011, SBCA kicked off its Annual Membership Drive – the Lucky 13! As always, the competition will run one full year and end on August 31st. We hope the Lucky 13 competition brings good fortune to everyone in 2012!

Special Double Points

So what’s a special year without an extra bonus? Not exciting enough, that’s what. For the Lucky 13, we have a great reward for recruiters – double Top Chord Club points!

During the Lucky 13 membership drive, it will be even easier to advance in the Top Chord Club. The points for recruiting new and returning members are:
5  10 points for recruiting a new Design Professional Member who will also begin using BCSI B3
4  8 points for encouraging a Component Manufacturer to begin buying and supplying JOBSITE PACKAGES
3  6 points for signing up a new Component Manufacturer or Supplier member for SBCA or a chapter
2  4 points for signing up a new Design Professional Member, or for a Component Manufacturer or Supplier whose SBCA or chapter membership has lapsed
1  2 points for signing up a Professional Member for SBCA or a chapter

Recruitment Prizes

Of course, the #1 Recruiters in both the Component Manufacturer and Supplier categories will again win their choice of a #1 Recruiter jacket or trophy. They’ll be recognized for their efforts at BCMC 2012 in Denver, too.
In addition, Top Chord Club points earned since September 1, 2008 will continue to be redeemable for prizes! If you need a little more than bragging rights, then you can redeem your points for SBCA publications, online courses, meetings registrations and more.
If/when you need assistance recruiting, contact Anna with your questions and requests.

Congratulations to the 12th Annual Membership Drive Winners!

#1 Component Manufacturer Recruiter: Gary Weaver, Timber Tech Texas, Inc.
#1 Associate Membership Recruiter: Rob Heri, MiTek Industries, Inc.
#1 Recruiting SBCA Chapter: Truss Manufacturers Association of Texas

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