SP Lumber Mills Supporting Lumber Buyers

Originally published by: SBCAJanuary 11, 2012

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SBCA is compiling an ongoing list of lumber mills that have publicly supported the structural components industry’s position regarding the Southern Pine lumber design value change issue, and have exhibited a willingness to work with their customers to find positive solutions that will serve everyone’s best interest. Click on the xls link below to view the current list, which will continually be updated on SBCA’s lumber support web page: http://sbcindustry.com/lumbersupport.php.

Additionally, we know of mills that are working hard to provide “Regular Southern Pine Design Value” lumber (i.e., #2 at 1500 Fb, #1 at 1850 Fb, etc.) Please have your lumber buyers contact any of these mills to determine what they are able to supply to meet your needs. Our goal with providing this list is to foster better communication between the lumber buy side and lumber mills that desire to know more about the needs of their customers. We believe that the mills on this list are very interested in listening to customer needs and will do their best to fill those needs creatively.

We sincerely hope that all the activity surrounding the lumber design value issues will now yield a platform for much more direct communication and teamwork between lumber suppliers and lumber buyers. It should be clear that our industries are much stronger if we collaborate and teamwork is easy when the lumber supply side understands the needs of their customers.

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