Timber Products Offers Revised Lumber Grading Approach

Originally published by: SBCAJanuary 11, 2012

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A sincere kudos must go out to Timber Products Inspection for taking the initiative to create a very interesting, valuable and innovative lumber grading approach. The latest draft can be found by clicking on the pdf link below.

This approach is intended to maintain current/“close to current” SP design values using traditional Quality Assurance procedures that are lumber mill production specific. This has the real opportunity to fill the void for projects that are in process (e.g., long duration multifamily projects, etc.) using #2 SP by rehabilitating the 2x4 #2 SP design value that has just singularly been reduced in value from 1500 Fb 1.6E to 1050 Fb 1.4E beginning June 1, 2012.

A little pressure always seems to foster creative innovation and for this Timber Products needs to be sincerely commended.

To find mills that use Timber Products Inspection for their lumber grading QC please visit the following website: www.tpinspection.com and select “Product Locator” at the top.

Additional information is also available on SBCA's lumber web page at: www.sbcindustry.com/lumber.php.

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