MN Governor Vetoes Anti-Sprinkler Bill

Originally published by: Minnesota LegislatureMay 11, 2012

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dalton vetoed a measure (Senate File 1717) passed by the Minnesota  Legislature that would have prevented the adoption of building code provisions requiring the installation of sprinkler systems in new and existing single-family homes.

In a letter  to Minnesota Senate President  Michelle Fischbach (you can view  the entire letter by clicking on the pdf  link below), Gov. Dalton states, "I  take  very seriously the concerns which  fire safety professionals  have  expressed about the saffety of home  residents, their properties  and the lives of the men and women who courageously risk  their lives  to fight those fires."

Further, he states, "They are concerned  that newly built homes burn more quickly,  and that firefighters are injured when floors collapse during fires. They contend that, with sprinkler systems in place,  fires  could be more  readily contained, resulting in fewer injuries and deaths to homeowners  and  firefighters."

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