The Buzz on the Show Floor

Again this year during BCMC week, get day-by-day updates from our man-in-the-field, Jess Lohse, President of Rocky Mountain Truss Co. in Havre MT

Thursday was another great day at BCMC. We kicked off with the SBCA Annual Meeting, which included awards and the transfer of the presidency. After a stirring introduction by Mike Ruede and a rousing FSU Seminole musical intro, Barry Dixon was inducted into the SBCA Hall of Fame, sort of. There was just one problem. Barry was still in his hotel room. After a few laughs, the presentations continued. Norm McKenna was honored with the Industry Enthusiast Award, and Rick Parrino was recognized with the SBCA Leadership Award. Barry eventually made his way to the meeting and accepted his award. Steve Stroder passed the presidency on to Scott Ward. This marked the conclusion of a year where the industry faced many challenges, and Steve's leadership guided us and kept us on course.

After the Annual Meeting, another round of educational sessions filled out the morning. I was able to sit in on Bruce Wilkenson's session, and wow, that guy has a lot of energy. I don't think I could drink enough Red Bull to bring myself up to his level. Not only was the presentation high energy, the content was high impact. Other sessions from Wednesday were repeated on Thursday, to accommodate attendees who were in other sessions the day before and to make sure no one missed out on these great topics. 

The show floor opened at 10:45 a.m. with a crowd eager to check out the exhibits. The space was filled, and each exhibitor had people to talk to throughout the day. There was a buzz on the show floor from attendees and exhibitors alike, with a lot of positive feedback on the changes made to this year's show. The second annual BCMC Trike Race kicked off shortly after noon with two qualifying heats. In the first heat, Team No Equal overtook Team ITW and advanced to the finals. In the second heat, Team Super Dooper advanced over Team Awesome II, after a lot of politicking and some fuzzy math on the lane violations. Later in the day in the consolation match, Team Awesome II turned in the best time of the day and took third place, while Team Super Dooper, led by Barry Dixon, claimed the championship over Team No Equal.

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