What has SBCA Done for You Lately?

Originally published by: SBCAAugust 5, 2013

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In preparation for SBCA's membership drive leading up to BCMC in October, the following list has been created to highlight  to component manufacturer and supplier members the value of being a member of the association.  Please take a moment and read this brief list of current activities and programs SBCA is engaged in on behalf of the structural building components industry.

Business Support:

  • Worked with OSHA to create an approved step-by-step approach to installing roof trusses while complying with their residential fall protection requirements.
  • Compiled industry trends, housing market analysis, economic impacts and association announcements into weekly Industry News emails.
  • Developed industry-specific resources to help members establish a strong culture of safety, as well as meet ongoing changes in OSHA’s workplace laws.
  • Formed 8 Business Solutions Groups – a place where non-competing CMs can discuss their business.
  • Created Financial Performance and Wage & Benefit surveys every year
  • Continually monitored ongoing changes to various green building standards, and created tools for members to use in educating the marketplace on how components fit into these standards.
  • Developed a WorkForce Development website to provide a one-stop-shop for helping manufacturers get connected to individuals, looking to pursue a career in this industry, with a primary focus of bringing fresh truss designers into industry.
  • Created a process for companies to follow industry best practices through SCORE (Structural Component Operations Reaching for Excellence). This allows members to benchmark their performance, improve operations in key areas, and protect their businesses.
  • Held BCMC tradeshow yearly
  • Published SBC Magazine nine times per year, and created a new website (sbcmag.info) format that better enables the sharing of timely information while allowing member to search archived information.

Online Training:

  • Supported members with online training/certification tools to help manufacturer members – Truss Technician Training, Basic Training, Operation Safety, Truck Driver Training, Quality Control, ORisk.
  • Created Component Technology Workshop programs, an extensive series of online training classes whose market audience includes: specifiers, building officials, builders, framers and fire officials


  • Provided comprehensive code compliance support and tools for members through the use of Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs), to assess the code compliance of specific structural building components products. TERs are enabled through IBC Section 104 and IRC Section R104, which allow for the use of alternative materials, design and methods of construction.
  • Through SBCRI industry testing, we have learned more about raw material, the performance of various material combinations and overall assembly performance, and this information is critical to every member of SBCA.
  • Created a new SBCRI website (sbcri.info) that allows members, as well as the public, to see clearly the work being accomplished through SBCRI and the unique ways in which this state-of-the-art facility is changing the way building will be built in the future.


  • When the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau announced that the design properties of Southern Pine lumber should be reduced immediately by 25-30%, SBCA swiftly acted to protect component manufacturers’ interests.
  • In the short term, our actions paved the way for more thorough testing, which resulted in more accurate values, as well as a six-month implementation period so CMs would not be left with large inventories of less valuable lumber.
  • In the long term, SBCA is continuing to raise awareness in the market about the importance of reliable design values in engineering accurate resistance to loads, the foundation of the components industry, as well as uniform enforcement so that CMs are not competing at a disadvantage against conventional framing.
  • SBCA has also created the Lumber in Components Council to bring CMs and lumber manufacturers together to discuss design values, machine rated lumber and other issues of importance to both industries.
  • Advocated for Universal Sheathing/Sprinkling so that stick framing/solid sawn construction don’t have a competitive advantage over components in the face of singling out floor trusses in the building codes in various states throughout the country.
  • Worked closely with chapters to educate the fire community using the Carbeck Structural Components Institute's (CSCI) Wood Truss Construction and Fire Performance education program providing firefighters with information needed to more safely fight fires in buildings constructed with wood trusses. Addressing the facts surrounding the performance of metal plate connected wood trusses when fire strikes
  • Held Legislative Conferences in Washington, DC, and provided grass roots tools for members to advocate with their lawmakers on labor, tax, regulatory and small business issues that threaten to make doing business even more difficult.

Technical Publications:

  • Updated the BCSI Booklet (Building Component Safety Information Booklet – Guide for Handling, Installing, Restraining, & Bracing of Trusses – 2013 edition is now available. This continues to be the industry guide that includes the most current information/guidance for framing crews, including OSHA guidelines and information on fall protection.
  • Created a full line-up of publications including Jobsite Packages (roof, long span, floor, and steel) that provide industry best practices andare proven risk management tools.

Educational presentations:

  • Created an educational program to assist members in conveying the benefits of components versus stick framing from a code compliance perspective, and a Technical Evaluation Report was also created on this topic – Code-Compliant Construction of Conventionally Framed Roofs & Roof Trusses
  • Provided over 30 online workshops/presentations from: Annual Workshops and Conferences covering various topics from technical to management/sales. Industry Dialogues with Kirk as a way for members to talk about the latest news/issues in the industry/marketplace.

Supported the SBCA Chapters around the United States:

  • Alabama Chapter
  • Arizona Chapter
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Capital Area Chapter (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia)
  • Carolinas Chapter – North and South
  • Colorado Chapter
  • Florida Chapters (Central, North, South, Southwest)
  • Georgia Chapter
  • Illinois Chapter
  • Indiana Chapter
  • Inland Empire (Idaho and eastern Washington)
  • Iowa Chapter
  • Kentucky Chapter
  • Michigan Chapter
  • Mid Atlantic Chapter (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, northern Maryland, northern Delaware)
  • Mid-South Chapter (Mississippi & Louisiana)
  • Minnesota Chapter
  • Missouri Chapter
  • Montana Chapter
  • New York Chapter
  • Northeast Chapter (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)
  • Northwest Chapter – Washington
  • Ohio Chapter
  • Rio Grande Chapter (New Mexico & Western Texas)
  • Southern Nevada Chapter
  • Tennessee Chapter
  • Texas Chapter
  • Western Chapter
  • Wisconsin Chapter

In 2013, here are a few of the significant projects we are currently undertaking:

  • Working on a brand new website to allow members to more easily find and benefit from all the tools that SBCA provides.
  • Re-writing the WTCAQC software to be more user-friendly and web-based to allow for quicker and easier synchronization of information.
  • Updating SBCA’s Truss Technician Training Course to reflect all the latest codes and standards.
  • Revising the Financial Performance Survey to improve participating members’ knowledge about their company’s performance compared to industry benchmarks.
  • SBCRI Testing: The industry testing subcommittee is working on a test plan for top chord bearing for floor trusses to provide useful data to all members. 

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