Steel Advocates Point Out Wood Isn't Renewable

Originally published by: Steel Framing AllianceJune 5, 2013

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That’s right! At the recent ASTM E-60 meetings held in Indianapolis, Indiana, attendees discussed the various definitions for the term “sustainability,” with the primary focus that for a product to be classified as renewable, it must have no human intervention. If that’s true, then all of those tree farms used to produce the wood for construction should lose their renewable classification. In addition, the committee bounced around a new term―“neutra-newable” ― to cover those materials that are classified as non-renewable but have characteristics like infinite recyclability. That’s steel! Proponents of the new term argued that it is unfair to penalize materials that continue to be replenished through the process of recycling without losing their chemical properties or strength. You can be sure that this lively discussion will continue.

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