ALSC Reviews Western Species Testing

Originally published by: ALSCMay 6, 2013

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On May 1, the American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) Board of Review held a meeting in which it reviewed the status of lumber testing plans for various western species.  Below is a summary; a copy of the entire minutes can be viewed by clicking on the pdf link below.

SPF(S) Testing

The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NLMA) reported that the sampling and testing of SPF(S) in the lake states region had been completed and a preliminary report had been prepared. When finalized, the report would be provided to the ALSC Board.

The Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) reported that the sampling and testing of the western species included in the SPF(S) grouping had been partially completed and that testing had commenced. A representative from the Forest Products Lab (FPL) and ALSC would visit the testing site soon and it WWPA hoped to complete the test data analysis and submit a report to the ALSC Board by the end of 2013.

SPF, Fir-L(N), D Fir-L(N) and Hem-Fir(N) Testing

The National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) reported on the status of its 2010-2011 SPF Ramp-up Monitoring Study. FPL is currently process of reviewing the study’s submission. NLGA initiated sampling for its on-going Longitudinal Monitoring Program for both S-P-F and D Fir-L (N) in late 2011 and completed the 2011-12 (Year 1) sampling of these species groups in the fall of 2012. Sampling of Year 2 for S-P-F and D Fir-L (N) species groups began in Oct 2012.

NLGA sampling of Year 1 for the Hem-Fir (N) species group began in February 2012 and had continued through January 2013. Year 2 of Hem-Fir (N) sampling began in February 2013; analyses and reports are anticipated to be completed by late fall 2013.

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