BCMC Blog: Ready to Have a Great BCMC? SAY YES!

Again this year during BCMC week, Jess Lohse, President of Rocky Mountain Truss Co. in Havre MT, provides day-to-day updates from the show.

Tuesday was the first official day of BCMC 2013, but it felt like the whole "community" had already been in San Antonio for a few days. Between the BCMC Build over the weekend and the TMAT meeting and golf outing, familiar faces and conversations were seen and heard throughout downtown San Antonio. Speaking of the TMAT golf outing, has anyone heard who won? It's very unlike a Texan to let an opportunity to brag about a win go to waste ... I will have to do some research and fill everyone in tomorrow if I find the winners.

The day kicked off the with the Toyota Factory tour. A capacity crowd filled the bus and ventured out to the Toyota Manufacturing of Texas plant, where the Tacoma and Tundra trucks are built. I've read many books on lean manufacturing and just-in-time processing and was expecting to hear a lot of verbiage like "Kanban" and "Kaizen" thrown around during the tour. While there were a couple references to these terms, what I saw was everything I've heard about Toyota manufacturing working effortlessly as though it is the only way they've ever done it. They've certainly taken manufacturing to a level unlike anything this kid from Havre, MT, has ever seen. I could have spent three weeks on the floor and still had questions about their operation. 

The Toyota tour drove home the importance of factory tours. Please remember that offering tours of your own plants and facilities go a long way in developing an understanding of how our industry operates. Think about opening your doors to people not even connected to our trade; you might be surprised where it leads.

In the afternoon, the educational sessions kicked off with a lot of great material. I hope you sent multiple people from your plant to soak in all the great information. I heard the Optimize or Not session was standing room only, and Bruce Wilkinson turned the energy up a few notches with his It's the Peoplework, Not the Paperwork presentation. Some of these sessions will be repeated throughout the show, so if you're here in San Antonio, you'll have an opportunity to listen in again if you missed out on the original versions.

In the evening, the SBCA Annual Meeting and Welcome Reception were held. It was a great opportunity to learn what has been going on with the association over the past few months and to catch up with old friends we don't get to see as often as we would like. The BCMC Build ceremony was very emotional, as we all learned about Army Specialist Cody Nusbaum and the ordeal he has gone through. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that young man—not only in the way he served, but in the way he continues to handle himself with grace and dignity in spite of everything that has happened. He certainly is a True Gentleman. 

The evening wrapped up with Bruce Wilkinson offering some insight into finding humor in life's everyday occurrences. He brought a smile and laugh to everyone's face throughout the kick-off event and certainly set the tone for the rest of BCMC week. To steal a line from Bruce, I'm ready to have a great BCMC. Who's with me? SAY YES!

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