A Component Manufacturer's Best Tool to Expand Their Business

Originally published by: BCMCSeptember 2, 2013

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The economy is improving and it shows.  Component manufacturers (CM) from across the country are looking forward to solidifying and expanding their businesses at BCMC this year. Attendance levels are at their highest since 2008, with 216% more individuals, 170% more CM locations and 133% more companies registered to attend than last year.  With this overwhelming surge in attendance, this year’s show will provide many opportunities for attendees to forge and build upon relationships throughout the structural components industry.

The BCMC Build is in full swing. Coming together as a group to donate time, materials, money, and hard work has proven to be just as powerful for our industry as it is for the families we help. Together, we Build Communities and Make Connections and are helping to rebuild the life of a courageous United States Veteran.

You can see a full list of our generous sponsors as well as items we still need on the BCMC Build website. We encourage you to join us on the project and help rebuild the life of this deserving man. We plan on surprising him on the jobsite on Sunday, October 6. Please feel free to come join us!

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