R-40 Engineered Home Partnership Announced

Originally published by: PR WebJanuary 15, 2014

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There’s an old adage that says two heads are better than one, and thanks to a partnership between CFS Green Homes and the Reata Foundation, home owners across the nation will now be able to look forward to having an ultra energy efficient residential home, which is the future of residential house building.

CFS Green Homes is a Monticello-based fabricator of expanded polystyrene (EPS). The Reata Foundation, Inc is a non-profit institution commissioned to provide affordable and energy efficient housing for the American family.

Compared to conventional stick-built wood frame houses, the engineered fabricated home is more energy efficient, has less noise and drafts, making for a quieter, more comfortable, and healthier living environment for the family, according to company representatives.

In fact, since 2006, Monticello businessman Zach McClendon, chief executive officer of CFS, has had a dream of providing people with the possibility of building safe, energy efficient homes.

McClendon, according to company representatives, realized that the prospect of making his dream a reality revolved around using foam and steel braces as the backbone of every structure built.

In 2007, he sold his ownership interest in Drew Foam Co. but retained the rights to his unique idea and began taking the necessary steps of making that dream a reality.

Shortly after, McClendon recruited the engineering expertise of John Bargh and CFS Green Homes was established.

Bargh, company officials say, had a 25-year history in the glass and commercial construction industry and has spent the last five years developing the present expanded polystyrene engineered home systems being used in CFS construction projects. McClendon assumed the role of CEO and Bargh was appointed president of the company.

CFS Green Homes entered into a partnership with the Reata Foundation, to produce a technologically advanced building system.

“The engineered fabricated home has a lifetime R insulation factor reaching R-40 on exterior walls and roof, giving the homeowner a 50 to 70 percent savings on their annual heating and cooling costs, according to the United States Dept. of Energy,” a company news release reads. “Furthermore, the EPS home has less noise and drafts making for a quieter, more comfortable, and healthier living environment for the family. It also meets the Southern Building Code and has higher wind load and snow load ratings than stick built houses.”

Families, according to CFS representatives, can expect a savings of $100-$150 a month on their electric bill.

“Energy efficiency adds value, affordability, and comfort to a home,” a company spokesman pointed out, before adding, “On a house presently under construction in Magnolia, the appraiser added value to the appraisal report due to its energy efficient properties.”

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