What is Energy Efficiency & Building Science News?

Originally published by: ABTGJanuary 8, 2014

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The Applied Building Technology Group (ABTG) and DrJ Engineering (DrJ) are sponsoring this news service through SBC Magazine. We believe there is a need for building science, building envelope, building design and energy efficiency-focused news that emanates from an engineering and design perspective.  

Further, we believe that sound science and engineering should play a strong role in innovation, product and market development, adoption and generation of new sales dollars. While well intended, we feel the traditional path for new product code compliance and sales is often unfair, restrains innovation and is artificially costly. There is a better way.

Our collective goal is to foster a swifter pathway to innovation and generation of sales dollars, through a professional engineering-oriented alternative material, design and method of construction model. Our clients' new product innovation and market development efforts can then focus on effortlessly complying with the building design and construction document creation and approval process required through building code provisions and professional engineering law. 

We believe the new product innovation process was always intended to be simple, straightforward and cost effective. In other words, the building code should really be about encouraging and driving innovation in positive ways, not preserving and protecting the status quo.

For those of you who have already worked with us, we thank you for supporting us and our philosophy. Together, we can grow an innovation revolution that strongly advocates for the simple American concept, "economic liberty aimed at preserving free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade," which preserves and protects fair competition for the benefit of consumers.

ABTG and DrJ are proud supporters of the innovation revolution taking place in the building and building envelope industry. We hope you join us in supporting the addition of market value to engineered solutions through innovation.

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