New Software Simplifies Green Building Product Research

Originally published by: Green BizMay 22, 2014

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Figuring out which building products and materials comply with certain environmental certifications and health declarations is a notoriously tedious task. GreenWizard hopes its software will make this research significantly less time consuming.

Over the past five years, the developer methodically has compiled a massive directory that covers 145,000 green building products from about 1,300 manufacturers.

The tool enables architects, engineers and contractors to seek products that fit certain criteria, such as whether they carry Green Seal, Forest Stewardship Council, Cradle to Cradle or other eco-credentials. The software also tracks how these materials might affect a specific green building project's LEED construction status.

GreenWizard's approach apparently is catching on: The company works with seven of the top 15 U.S. design firms and four of the top 10 commercial contractors. So far, the platform has been used to source and evaluate materials for projects valued at more than $23.8 billion.

"GreenWizard acts as the collective wisdom of the green buildings industry, where we are free for manufacturers to load complete product listings, and any user can also search for free," said Adam Bernholz, CEO of the Charleston, S.C.-based company.

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