Energy Code Rollback Legislation in S. Carolina and Maine Stall

Originally published by: ASHRAEMay 11, 2016

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South Carolina Senate Bill 1164 Appears Halted

SC Senate Bill 1164, “Relating To Public Policy For Building Codes, To Provide That All State Regulatory Agencies Should Enforce The Same Codes Unless Otherwise Mandated By The Federal Government And To Provide The Intent Of The General Assembly,” appears halted for this Session. This proposed law appeared to remove from State law any part of the State code relating to energy efficiency At a recent stakeholders meeting, very little support was evidenced for the bill and the State legislature’s crossover deadline (the date by which a bill must pass one chamber of the legislature and be sent to the other chamber) has passed without the bill being heard. While parliamentary procedures could allow the bill to move forward, it is not likely that will happen before the legislative session adjourns, probably in early June. It is likely, however, that this bill will return in the new session next year in some fashion. 


Building Code Rollback Fails in Maine

ACC opposed LD 1286 that failed in Maine this week.  The bill would have required the use of insulation with a low global-warming potential for all state-funded new building construction.