ABTG’s Voting Guide for Improved Energy Efficiency & Building Code Provisions

Originally published by: Applied Building Technology Group, LLCNovember 8, 2016

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The Applied Building Technology Group, LLC (ABTG) participated in the ICC code development process that took place in mid-October in Kansas City. ABTG has now analyzed the proposals to provide clear recommendations on how governmental members of the ICC can vote to improve the energy and building codes.

The voting guides below show recommended decisions on a variety of selected, high-priority proposals across the model building codes. Votes on these measure will have a significant impact on improving or diminishing the energy and building codes. These guides also outline the requirement for a measure to pass – some provisions require only a simple majority while others require a two-thirds majority – as well as the reasons behind ABTG’s recommendations when they differ from committee and public comment results. More documentation on the hearings is available to voters through the cdpACCESS website.

Remember: If you’re a governmental member of the ICC, vote now! Even if you voted in the Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City, you must visit the cdpACCESS website, log in with your My ICC username and password, and vote again to have a voice in this step of the code development process.

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