The Power is in Your Hands – EECC Voting Guide

Originally published by: Energy Efficient Codes CoalitionNovember 8, 2016

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The Energy Efficient Codes Coalition (EECC) has released its final ICC code development recommendations and Pro-Energy-Efficiency voting guide.

  • Vote now! Online voting is expected to be open from November 8 to November 21. Even if you voted in the public comment hearings in Kansas City, ICC governmental members must visit the cdpACCESS webpage, log in with your My ICC username and password, and vote again to weigh in on the proposed changes.
  • A more energy efficient 2018 IECC requires your support! A few key proposals on ICC’s Ballot will boost energy efficiency, and nearly all of them require a two-thirds majority to make it into the 2018 update of America’s Model Energy Code.
    • The most significant residential proposal – RE179 Builder Flex Points – will achieve a modest 5% efficiency gain endorsed by the US Conference of Mayors.
    • A similar proposal – CE43 – will achieve the same energy efficiency boost for commercial buildings.
  • Reject costly energy efficiency rollbacks! While voters at the ICC’s public comment hearing opposed the efficiency rollback and trade-off proposals, the only vote that counts is the official online vote in November. The power is in your hands to keep rollbacks and efficiency trade-offs out of the 2018 IECC.
  • Pro-energy-efficiency voting is easy! In just 15 minutes, you can influence national energy policy. The EECC voting guide – endorsed by the US Conference of Mayors – uses a simple yardstick. If proposals boost energy efficiency using readily available technology, the EECC recommends adoption. If it rolls back or trades away energy efficiency gains, the EECC urges rejection.

The materials below can help governmental members of the ICC who are new to the ICC online voting process understand their choices and how to vote for improvements to America's Model Energy Code. More details are available on the EECC website.

Remember: If you’re a governmental member of the ICC, vote now! Even if you voted in the Public Comment Hearings in Kansas City, you must visit the cdpACCESS website, log in with your My ICC username and password, and vote again to have a voice in this step of the code development process.