SBCA Partners with NCSEA on Alternative to Special Inspections of Trusses over 60" in Height

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) has long been concerned about the lack of permanent diagonal bracing installed in roof systems. They proposed a solution in S138-16, a proposal discussed last April at the ICC Committee Action Hearings in Louisville. The proposal would have required special inspections of the permanent lateral restraint and diagonal bracing for all trusses over 60 inches in height.

These special inspections, which would have applied to almost all trusses, would have proven difficult, if not impossible, mandate to implement. SBCA believed there had to be a better option.

Through a series of discussions with John Grenier and Ed Huston, representatives of the Code Advisory Committee of NCSEA, SBCA suggested alternative solutions to address NCSEA’s concerns. NCSEA has now withdrawn its proposal from consideration. Subsequent to the meeting, SBCA provided Mr. Huston and Mr. Grenier standard language that could be used for general notes that could be applied to their plans and specs.

As part of their agreement, NCSEA and SBCA will be meeting to discuss how best to approach permanent bracing in the future so that the risks of it not being applied are minimized. The two groups will meet again in early 2017, meeting dates are currently being worked on by SBCA staff.

If you have any questions regarding the work SBCA is undertaking with NCSEA, please contact Larry Wainright at 608-310-6742. SBCA looks forward to working with NCSEA on truss bracing and other structural framing issues of common interest.

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