NFC Leadership Team Takes Charge

Originally published by: National Framers CouncilApril 26, 2017

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The National Framers Council (NFC) leadership team held a strategic planning meeting on April 4, 2017, in Madison, Wisconsin, where they discussed the organization’s growth and development and project plans for the year.

“The past three years have blossomed into a unique journey for the NFC with amazing support from framer and supplier members. We’re looking forward to continuing down this path,” said Kenny Shifflett of Ace Carpentry and NFC president for 2017.  Here is a brief overview of the key meeting outcomes:

These Steering Committee members will meet on a regular basis to:

  1. Guide and assist with implementation of NFC goals, help with NFC member focus so staff is spending time and resources effectively;
  2. Monitor the financial performance of NFC with staff and make any needed course corrections; and,
  3. Help to ensure that members and staff are providing and gaining the most value from NFC as possible.

NFC Management Team Members:

  • President: Ken Shifflett
  • Vice President: Scott Stevens
  • Secretary: Bruce Jones
  • Past President: George Hull
  • Executive Director: Chris Tatge
  • Staff Task Management Lead: Suzi Grundahl

The Steering Committee will review and refocus the member recruiting committee. The goal is to improve relationships and networks of support, communication about what is taking place inside the NFC organization and build outward word of mouth promotion of the value of the professional framing community. The Steering Committee goal is to support members on the committee, encourage more active engagement by everyone and find others that are willing to be actively engaged.

Insurance/Loss Management

Led by Scott Stevens, a pilot program will take place in the Mid-Atlantic region. Framers in this region will be contacted for the purpose of collecting data and discussing potential benefits of creating a group insurance program to help focus on risk reduction and manage professional framer and GC related insurance programs for mutual benefit and risk cost reductions. A goal for this program is to figure out how to leverage the value of NFC and FrameSAFE as a part of the program tactics for success.  IronRisk will work with the NFC management team for counsel and IronRisk will take the lead on gathering/processing risk data, develop the appropriate industry program for NFC members and implement (with NFC management team assistance) using their expertise with the insurance vehicles and insurance  carrier needs and expectations.

Small Framer Engagement

As a beta in Wisconsin with Chris Tatge, reach out to small framers (crews of less than 10). Develop relationships and learn as much as possible about their business needs and how best to support them. The goal of developing this community is to encourage conversations and engagement in professional development, which include the use of NFC programs like FrameSAFE. This work is intelligence gathering, needs assessment and the creation of a smaller professional framer NFC support system business plan. 

OSHA Engagement

NFC will continue to develop relationship with Federal OSHA and state agencies (e.g., MOSH director, Wisconsin OSHA). The near term goal is to use our work in the Mid-Atlantic region with GCs to find common ground with OSHA on advancing professional framing and construction site safety. Our goal is for OSHA offices to view NFC and NFC programs as a tool in support of their goals and objectives. This should be able to be easily conveyed via the concept of providing a nationally recognized safety program and ideally helping to encourage GCs and professional framers to require it.

The leadership team will continue outreach to framers and skilled subcontractors, promoting FrameSAFE and engaging general contractors across the country, as well as developing relationships with Federal OSHA and state agencies.

Please feel free to reach out to any member of the leadership team or the NFC staff team for further insight on this meeting, or to find out how to become more deeply involved with NFC. Your engagement will help NFC in its mission to bring the framing community together for the betterment of the entire industry.

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