Framer Shares Near-Miss Incident, Credits FrameSAFE

Recently, National Framers Council (NFC) board member Kenny Shifflett received the following email:


We have been using the FrameSAFE Toolbox Talks for several months now, and they are a great help to our field staff and subcontractors.

This afternoon, we had an incident where one of our senior project managers went to assist with traffic control for a material delivery outside the gates of a project, and he was struck in the head by a rock/debris from a demolition saw. Another piece that was thrown from the saw went through the windshield of a car nearby. The area of the road and curb that was being worked on was outside the project gates where we are working and, luckily enough, he was wearing his eye protection when the debris struck him right above his eye. Had he not continually worn his eye protection, this would be a totally different email.

I would like to request a Toolbox Talk that focuses on eye protection being worn at all times while on and near construction sites. After the situation which occurred today, I think good training on how to avoid incidents related to any flying dust and debris would be a tremendous help for all FrameSAFE subscribers. Let me know if you would like our assistance; I could possibly provide the pictures for the training sheet.

Thank you,

Robert E. Poles III
Director of Production & Safety

Saving an eye – or a finger, or a life – is the motivation behind the NFC FrameSAFE program. Join the FrameSAFE subscriber community and protect the people on your jobsite – and let us know what additional tools or topics will help you ensure that everyone in your crew works safely and goes home safely.

Thank you to Rob for letting us share this message! If you have a FrameSAFE success story, or if you have ideas for future FrameSAFE updates, let us know!


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