MiTek Develops Heavy Duty Fire Wall Hanger for Beams

Originally published by: MiTek USANovember 29, 2017

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MiTek USA, a leading manufacturer of code-approved structural connectors, anchors, and epoxy, and a developer of software tools for design and workflow, today announced the national availability of a new FWH Fire Wall Hanger connector: FWHBP, for Fire Wall Hanger for Beams and Purlins.  

The FWHBP can transfer loads of more than 5,700 pounds into supporting walls by bearing on the wall's top plates and directly attaching to the stud pack or post below  As with MiTek's original FWH hanger, the advanced design allows users to install the new hangers before the drywall is attached, eliminating an extra framing step, shortening the process, and allowing a project to be completely framed-up and weather-tight before the drywall shows up on site. 

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