NV, PA & CO Legislatures Take Action on Energy Efficiency

Originally published by: American Chemistry CouncilMay 3, 2017

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The following state legislatures took action on bills that may have an impact on the energy efficiency of buildings.


Nevada AB 223 introduced legislation that will help expand the implementation of more cost-effective energy efficiency programs for residents and businesses, cleared the Nevada Assembly this week.


A new measure (HB 409) in Pennsylvania would change the way the current Review Advisory Council (RAC) adopts building codes passed the House this week. While the legislation would require the RAC to immediately begin review of past code updates, including energy efficiency improvements, there is still uncertainty of how efficient the process would be. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate (SB 269).  


The Colorado House this week approved HB 1227 that extends to 2028 the state’s electric demand-side management program, to encourage investor-owned utilities to offer financial incentives for energy efficiency improvements in commercial and residential buildings.