Have Questions? Finding Answers Just Got a Lot Easier

​SBCA members and staff have generated a lot of helpful documentation and resources for component manufacturers and the broader market. For example, fires in light-frame wood building under construction was a critical topic earlier in the year and members needed support for local legislative activities. All SBCA members are encouraged to help staff create topical library pages to either address current marketplace issues or organize important reference materials.

Given the volume of documents available, searching for specific information can be challenging if you don’t know the exact name of a document or don’t remember all the key words. To help, the Topical Library system pre-sorts the most valuable resources on a subject and arranges them into four main categories for easy navigation.

  1. ‘Top Resources’ are intended to be the most thorough and pertinent sources of information on the topic.
  2. ‘Best Practices’ are typically guidance documents that provide effective solutions to common problems associated with the topic.
  3. ‘From SBC Magazine’ is a list of the most recent articles published on the subject that appeared in SBC Magazine, SBC Industry News, NFC Framing News or Energy Efficiency & Building Science News.
  4. ‘Additional Information’ provides links to web pages and non-SBCA resources that provide additional insight on the topic.

To make searching the Topical Library easier, the main page organizes individual library pages into the following market segment-focused categories:

  • General contractor
  • Building official
  • Component manufacturer
  • Engineer/Architect/Specifier
  • Fire professional
  • Framer

Finally, the general SBCA website search engine will automatically place topical library pages at the top of search results when related key words are used in the search field. If there is a topic you feel would be important to create a topical library page on, please let us know so everyone can benefit.

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