Use of MiTek’s Web-Based Design Tool Software Tops 4M

Originally published by: MiTek USASeptember 7, 2017

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MiTek’s DIY Technologies, the market-leading, web-based design software for decks and outdoor living spaces, today announced that more than four million projects have run through the system, as consumers, DIYers, ProSumers, and professional contractors have all used MiTek’s software to optimize their design and generate material lists and building permit / code documents needed for the success of their projects. DIY Technologies is the underlying technology that powers USP Deck Designer™. (Download USP Deck Designer at this link at no cost.)

DIY Technologies deck design software is just one of a far-reaching set of software solutions offered by MiTek to design, specify, and obtain “bills of material” (product lists) for construction projects of all types and sizes. The wide spectrum of MiTek’s other software also includes specification, workflow management, and sales automation solutions for builders; estimating software for builder material dealers, as well as design and automation software for the wood structural frame and component manufacturing.

Used to specify MiTek products (and even those of MiTek’s competitors) the runaway success of MiTek’s DIY Technologies software solution is evidence of its ease-of-use, design flexibility, and how much it can contribute to the building code approval, selection of materials, and the actual construction of the project.

MiTek’s DIY Technologies provides complete, detailed material lists, as well as project specifications, cut lists, and permitting information. Material lists can be exported in any number of ways, and DIY Technologies software is e-commerce ready for direct sales.

MiTek’s DIY Technologies offers anyone, no matter their experience, the ability to design their dream deck or home improvement project, while also offering channel partners the opportunity to insert their branded products within the project design. Whether users are designing on their iPads, at the store with a store associate, or when meeting with their contractors, DIY Technologies can help everyone involved in the project to easily design, visualize, and share their project ideas.

Since 2015, MiTek’s DIY Technologies users registered 4,049,147 projects. MiTek’s DIY Technologies projects an additional 2,500,000 projects will be registered in 2017.

“We enable our partners to create a branded presence through the design software,” said Michael Heisler, DIY Technologies’ CEO. “Beyond MiTek and its USP Deck Designer™ software, companies like Trex®, Fiberon, MoistureShield, Lowe’s, and even some companies that could be viewed as competitors, are using DIY software to virtualize a broad selection of building products.”


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