Alpine Makes Eliminating Ribbon Tie Plates Easier

Originally published by: Alpine AcademyApril 5, 2018

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An enhancement to the Eliminate Tie Plate feature was added in Alpine’s IntelliVIEW version 17.02. In addition to eliminating the tie plate on top ribbons, this enhancement will eliminate the bottom tie plate as well. This option automatically prevents the standard tie plate from being applied to a top or bottom Ribbon Notch for the purpose of pre-nailing or stapling the end verticals. This option is located in the Job Settings, under the Plating tab. This option is usually selected at the time of specifying new job settings.

You can also find this option in the Engineering options in the Plating tab for making changes to an existing truss already saved to the job.

If both top and bottom ribbon notches exist at the end of the truss, as is common with cantilever conditions, upper and lower tie plates are not applied to the end condition.

When this option is unselected, end vertical conditions having only one ribbon notch, or end vertical conditions with both ribbon notches will include the tie plates.

Note: When nails are used for the attachment of the end verticals, the nails are applied to the wide (3 1/2") face. When staples are used for the attachment of the end verticals, the staples are applied to the narrow (1 1/2") face.

Component Drawing Notes for Eliminated Tie Plates.

When you analyze and save trusses using the Eliminate Ribbon Tie Plate option, the required end vertical connection criteria is specified in the Component Drawing notes.

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