New Virginia Rule Requires Energy Efficient Design for Prisons

Originally published by: ASHRAEFebruary 5, 2018

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The Virginia Register of Regulations, issued on February 5, 2018, gives final notice of a revision to state regulations for "Standards for Planning, Design, Construction and Reimbursement of Local Correctional Facilities." The regulatory action repeals the existing Standards for Planning, Design, Construction and Reimbursement of Local Correctional Facilities (6VAC15-80) and replaces it with a new regulation, 6VAC15-81. The new regulation updates standards to reflect: (i) changes in the Code of Virginia and uniform building and fire codes and (ii) best practices for correctional facilities. 

As part of the revised code, ASHRAE Standard 189.1 is specifically referenced twice in the proposed code which is scheduled to be effective on March 8, 2018. View the proposed rule. (The Standard is referenced on BillTrack50 pages 11 and 19). 

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