TPI/SBCRI QA Inspection Program Evolving & Gaining Momentum

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJuly 24, 2018

By John Arne

One quarter into SBCRI managing the TPI Third Party Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection Program has led to some interesting insights and opportunities for improvement.



The SBCRI program provides a plant with a quarterly report on various aspects of truss quality as defined in TPI-1.  A key goal is to develop a system of providing better feedback based on the data gathered. This allows the plant to see this information in greater detail over a period of time, where quality trends can be more easily monitored and quality improvement made through training.

The goal of the SBCRI program is to be focused on manufacturing process improvement. The mission of our 3rd party inspector approach is to gather independent data, whose goal is to help provide positive  feedback to management to aid in both process improvements that can be made and training that can be provided to streamline manufacturing quality.

The importance of the independent SBCRI approach to TPI QA Inspections can’t be understated. Why? Because SBCRI staff have well-grounded experience in the truss industry and understand component manufacturing issues well. This understanding will lead us forward where we take historical knowledge, current CM feedback and update our QA programs to reflect the need to discretely measure plant performance in way that will help manage positive QC process improvements.

SBCRI is working on building the best QA inspection program by deploying its industry and testing knowledge, with the mission to use knowledge for positive manufacturing process improvements.  If you have any questions about the Program or have any feedback please reach out to John Arne at (608) 310-6702 or

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