CMs' Best Interests Protected at ICC Hearing

At the heart of SBCA’s mission is ensuring members stay abreast of issues in the marketplace and the Association protects and advances the interests of its members. This is often done through advocacy efforts before the International Code Council (ICC).

As part of the three year code development process for the 2021 International Building Code, ICC held  Committee Action Hearings April 15 – 23 in Columbus, Ohio. The session was focused on Group A, which was everything under IBC but structural provisions, IFC, IWUIC, and others. Group B Committee Action Hearings will take place in spring of 2019 in Albuquerque, NM, where proposals for IBC Structural provisions, IRC, IEBC, and IECC will be heard.

Larry Wainright, Director of Codes and Standards for SBCA, recently attended the hearings and presented a report to members on what transpired. The webinar can be viewed online where Larry explains the process further, and what transpired at the first round of Group A hearings.

1,250 proposals were put forth, with eight of them of high interest to SBCA members from combustible dust and Type III Construction Requirements to the Continuity of Platform Construction.

G-107: Fire Retardant Treated Wood in Type III Buildings - Disapproved

The proposal was introduced to eliminate FRTW as a structural component of an exterior wall in Type III construction. The proposal came from the Masonry Alliance for Codes and Standards, Alliance for Concrete Codes and Standards. The proposal was disapproved during the hearings.



FS 19-18: Continuity of Exterior Wall - Disapproved
Focused on Type III buildings, the proposal said the continuity of exterior wall must be maintained all the way to the underside of the roof deck. Either the wall has to go to underside of roof sheathing or the floor/ceiling and roof/ceiling assemblies would require the same fire resistance as the wall. Two-hour rated walls would require a two-hour rated floor/ceiling assembly or run the wall through to the floor deck. Larry can be heard at the 6:20 mark presenting opposition to the proposal.



FS20: Continuity of Exterior Walls – Disapproved
The proposal sought to clarify that floor truss ends do not need to be built with FRTW when they set on exterior walls of Type III construction.  Larry can be heard at the 3:05 mark supporting the proposal.



F-212: Combustible Dust – Approved as modified by the committee
A proposal to the International Fire Code to add provisions already referenced in other standards, specifically including what can be used to clean dust in plants.  



Component Manufacturers are encouraged to get involved in the code development process in their local jurisdictions and at the state level. Having a voice, and a vote if you sit on the committee, is incredibly valuable as proposals come forward that may be harmful to the structural building component industry. 

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