Alpine Releases Equipment Integration Software

Originally published by: Alpine, an ITW CompanyNovember 16, 2018

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Alpine announces immediate availability of its plant management API layer, a software architecture which enables equipment manufacturers to integrate their software with Alpine’s eShop Plant Management solution, providing component manufacturers a streamlined and connected plant. 

 “Alpine has always been passionate about integration, notably between all Alpine software from design to production.  Our BCMC theme was ‘Connecting for the Future’, and we aim to deliver on that,” said John Croll, eShop Product Manager at Alpine.  “Given the technical direction many industries are taking, as well as the customer value this approach provides, Alpine is pushing the CM industry forward by providing an API layer that is available to interested equipment manufacturers.  This gives all equipment manufacturers the opportunity to exchange data with Alpine’s eShop Plant Management system, eliminating the need for file type conversions and providing real-time production tracking information without adding time to the production process”

Positive Customer Impact

Customers benefit significantly from connected equipment software packages.  The eShop API layer provides a robust way for equipment of many types to get the production data it needs to cut lumber and assemble components.  This removes the reliance on the dozens of different file types circulating in the industry and ensures that changes to equipment software or eShop’s database will not break this important link.

Furthermore, this modern architecture provides a framework by which the equipment can write its activity back to eShop plant management software in real time.  This allows customers to track progress through a job, labor cost, and many more important metrics. This data is provided in real time without interrupting the shop’s production process.  The data is written automatically by the software as it happens.

Alpine implemented this API architecture and has signed agreements with several equipment manufacturers who are interested in pursuing this integration.  A successful partnership requires effort on both sides, and Alpine has demonstrated its willingness to make the investment. 

November 16, 2018 Availability

The API architecture is available to all Alpine eShop customers.  For equipment manufacturers, information about how the API works, and access to relevant documentation about how to implement it can be accessed by reaching out to John Croll at

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