Illinois to Update State Energy Code to 2018 IECC

Originally published by: Illinois Register —

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The Illinois Register, published on December 7, 2018, gives notice of amendment to existing rules which will update the state's energy code from 2015 IECC to 2018 IECC. These changes are authorized by the Capital Development Board Act and the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Act, which requires the adoption of the latest published edition of the ICC's International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as the energy code for Illinois.

Please note that the rules were also altered to revise the requirements for State funded facilities to comply with the IECC versus ASHRAE standards, remove the variance process for State funded facilities as this is covered in the IECC, add exemptions for State buildings that are allowed for private commercial buildings and to rearrange or reword a few sections to provide consistency.

Click here to view the rule in full. The rule runs from Register page 21491 to 21528.

Any interested parties may submit comments, data, views or arguments concerning this proposed rulemaking in writing for a period of 45 days following publication of this Notice.