New Continuous Insulation, WRB, Air Barrier and Vapor Retarder Solution

Originally published by: Building EnclosureMay 27, 2019

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Icynene-Lapolla, the global supplier and manufacturer of high performance, energy efficient building envelope solutions, announced its all new Icynene X-Wall System. An all-in-one continuous insulation solution for the exterior envelope, Icynene X-Wall provides long term energy efficiency and savings and protects the structure from nature’s elements.

“Icynene X-Wall is designed to provide a solution to architects, specifiers and builders seeking an insulation solution that meets the new Continuous Insulation requirements at a reasonable installed cost,” said Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Icynene-Lapolla.

Icynene X-Wall is a system comprised of high performance, closed cell spray polyurethane foam and flashing. Incorporating Icynene’s ProSeal HFO spray applied insulation and liquid flashing, the complete system serves as thermal insulation, tightly sealed air barrier, class II vapor retarder, and water-resistant barrier. The innovative system is ideal for use across all climate zones and may be utilized on commercial and industrial, as well as on institutional buildings including schools and hospitals.

“This is an ideal alternative to rigid XPS foam insulation board,” adds Kramer. “It’s cost efficient and the closed cell spray foam is able to seal all cracks, seams and studs better than any other exterior insulation solution available.”

The Icynene ProSeal HFO spray foam insulation used in X-Wall is a low-VOC building material which has been developed with a fourth generation, environmentally friendly blowing agent with zero Ozone Depletion Potential. It also offers the lowest Global Warming Potential value, with a GWP of 1, for foam insulation products. The insulation is UL Greenguard Gold Certified.

The X-Wall liquid flashing is a high-quality, gun grade, elastomeric, polyether liquid-applied flashing and detailing membrane. Used for doors and windows, the material bonds to the majority of construction materials including aluminum, brick, concrete, wood, vinyl and exterior gypsum board.

Icynene X-Wall meets the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) which requires continuous insulation in the building envelope in most climate zones.

In addition to optimizing energy efficiency in the structure, Icynene X-Wall also helps to protect the structure from moisture damage. The system meets stringent ICC criteria for foam plastic insulation to qualify as a Water Resistive Barrier (WRB). The system also offers the spray foam industry’s first 15-year thermal warranty.