Video: Matt Risinger Discusses New Innovative Wall Stud Framing System

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineJune 11, 2019
by ABTG Staff


In this video, Matt Risinger travels to Minnesota to see a house framed with an innovative wall stud framing system that solves the Thermal Bridge issue, which is a pain point to deal with when using traditional 2x wood and steel stud framing.

Please review the graphic and the following links to learn more while asking yourself which of the mitigation strategies, defined below, are deployed by this new technology:

A few ways to mitigate clear field thermal bridges include:

  • Reduce “framing factor” where structurally feasible (wider frame spacing, double stud framing, etc.)
  • Use low conductivity structural materials
  • Apply continuous insulation over structure/framing members (minimize discontinuity at floor/wall/roof intersections)
  • Mount furring over (not through) continuous insulation layer
  • Use low conductivity fasteners or devices to attach cladding, furring, etc. to framing (e.g., stainless steel, carbon fiber, etc.)

You will not want to miss this Matt Risinger video.