CBG Safety Milestones Transcend Industry Standards

Originally published by: CBG Building CompanyJanuary 24, 2019

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CBG Building Company recently commemorated a half year of industry-leading safety benchmarks. Over the last six months, an impressive 70% of CBG projects achieved zero claims, or no workers compensation, general liability, or general risk claims. Notably, recently completed Jackson Village and Riverdale Park Station experienced zero claims throughout the projects' entire duration.

In November 2018, CBG proudly earned the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Diamond Award. Only 13 percent of participants attain STEP's top-level requirements, which measure achievement along a weighted point scale of 20 key components. CBG also earned the ABC Metro Washington Chapter Safety Competition Award for a general contractor with over one million project hours.

"ABC is proud to honor members like CBG who prioritize world-class safety," said Greg Sizemore, vice president of health, safety, education, and workforce development at ABC. "As an industry, it is our responsibly to make sure construction workers go home in the same – or better – condition than when they arrived every day. CBG's safety leadership is helping us get to our goal of zero incidents on construction jobsites."

Metrics such as the aforementioned augment the company's overall safety statistics, which eclipse industry standards. Logging more than four million project hours, CBG finished 2018 with a recordable incident rate of 0.56 as compared to the industry residential average of 3.90 and a lost time rate of 0.17 versus the industry benchmark of 2.50. 

"Everyone played a part in our success; with sharp reductions in workers compensation, general liability, and builders risk claims over the last year," said Dan Blankfeld, national director of safety at CBG. "This benchmark represents why CBG is best-in-class for production, safety, and quality." 

Through ongoing training and leadership to its staff and labor force, CBG is committed to setting the industry standard for safety at jobsites. CBG is also dedicated to achieving a balance between safety and productivity, leading to a Zero Injury culture on every project. Although CBG enforces OSHA regulations, it has implemented standards that far exceed those of OSHA.


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