4Ward Offers Virtual Accounting & Office Services

Originally published by: 4Ward Consulting GroupSeptember 3, 2019

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Our Virtual Accounting and Office Services are Here to Help

4Ward Consulting Group of Stanwood, WA is pleased to announce we now offer virtual accounting and analytical business services to our customers and clients. For those clients who have need of a controller or bookkeeper, but do not want to add the payroll, we are here to help by providing this service in a cost-efficient manner.

The Finance Operation of the Future is efficient, value adding and cost effective. 4Ward now provides back office services from daily transactions to general ledger and financial reporting while supporting a client’s processing model. Our unique business insight delivers top‐line value and accurate on‐time information and is efficient by using a shared service facility and a highly skilled workforce. We provide such services as: Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Support, Internal Controls, Reconciliations, Financial Reporting, Audit Support & Liaison, Cash Flow Management, Human Resources Assistance, and Interim/Remote Controller support.

Find out today why 4Ward Virtual Accounting and Office Services are your best choice!
For more information contact Jennifer Gustafson at Jennifer@4WardConsult.com

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