New Trussway Website Reveals Critical Role Trusses Play in Building Quality Living Spaces

Originally published by: TrusswayNovember 7, 2019

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With the launch of its new website,, Trussway Manufacturing, the leading U.S. manufacturer of floor and roof trusses, peels back the layers to give building professionals, architects, engineers and property owners a more complete story of the value trusses play in single- and multi-family construction.

“Many people think of trusses as sheer commodity when designing and building,” says Jeffrey Smith, president and CEO of Trussway Manufacturing.  “While they represent a small portion of the overall build cost, they have a major impact on the quality of the build and living experience for occupants.”

The all-new aims to tell that story.  Trusses are the structural framework that support roofs and floors in new construction projects, so highly accurate design is critical.  If not designed well, there can be performance issues or lack of space for the vital mechanicals—plumbing and HVAC. If they are dimensioned incorrectly, trusses may not fit. The use of cheaper grade lumber and smaller plates can cause the trusses to break during handling.  All this can add up to project delays and warranty issues, costing builders money.

Ultimately, if the trusses aren’t right, units are noisy, and tenants are unhappy.  “This leads to higher vacancy rates which cost building owners money,” comments Smith.  “Attention-to-detail in truss design can make all the difference in the world.”

Also featured on the site is a new thought leadership blog series entitled Rough Openings by David Pogue, a 38-year veteran and leading product and design software influencer in the truss industry. 

“We took a long, introspective look at ourselves to capture our true brand voice and mission in the development of this site,” adds Smith.  “It’s so much more than a truss.  It’s about being a part of making living spaces that are quieter, well-built and more comfortable for the occupant and more profitable for the owner.  And, we’ve accomplished that here.”