New Toolbox Talk Aids in Fall Protection Training

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineOctober 7, 2019
by Mindy Caldwell with contributions from NFC Staff


With fall protection once again topping OSHA’s list of most frequently cited violations, NFC’s Safety Committee continues to work on resources to help framers provide ongoing fall protection safety training to their employees. To that end, a new Toolbox Talk, “Jobsite Shaft and Opening Protection,” was recently added to the FrameSAFE program.

The primary message of this new training resource is simple: unprotected openings create hazards. “One of the main goals of FrameSAFE is to remind framers that safety is everyone’s responsibility,” says NFC Safety Committee Chair Ken Shifflett of Ace Carpentry. With that in mind, this Toolbox Talk explicitly states that workers need to keep an eye out for each other: “If a hole is uncovered take action to cover it, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT UNCOVER IT!”

In addition to the new resource on fall protection, the committee rolled out three additional titles last month, bringing the FrameSAFE library up to a total 74 Toolbox Talks that correspond with the six sections of the FrameSAFE manual. The other new titles include:

OSHA requires weekly safety training for a jobsite safety program to comply with federal regulations. Toolbox Talks are a key component in harnessing the benefits of safety training and maintaining an effective safety program. Taking five minutes a week to highlight common workplace safety issues and general tips for a safe, efficient jobsite can transform the safety culture of a jobsite, while greatly reducing the risk of an OSHA fine should an OSHA inspection occur.

Subscribers can log in to their FrameSAFE Dashboard to access these new resources online. Not a subscriber? Learn more about the FrameSAFE program here.

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