What Is the Most Common Small Business Emergency?

Originally published by the following source: SBC MagazineOctober 14, 2019
by Mindy Caldwell with contributions from NFC staff


A recent OSHA QuickTakes Did You Know? email highlights that “the most common type of emergency for small businesses is fire.” To support the fact that “fire prevention planning, training, and the use of portable fire extinguishers can help to ensure safety,” NFC’s safety committee recently added two new Toolbox Talks to the FrameSAFE library to assist framers with ongoing training: Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Extinguisher Classes.

As outlined in on NFC’s web page on Construction Fires, “The potential for extensive damage during a fire event is greatest when a building is under construction because it is largely unprotected.” While not all fires can be prevented or contained by workers on the jobsite, ensuring that your employees have been properly trained to understand and use a fire extinguisher can be key to averting disaster.

OSHA requires weekly safety training for a jobsite safety program to comply with federal regulations. Toolbox Talks are a vital component in harnessing the benefits of safety training and maintaining an effective safety program. In addition to the new resources on fire prevention, the committee rolled out two additional titles last month, bringing the FrameSAFE library up to a total 74 Toolbox Talks that correspond with the six sections of the FrameSAFE manual. The other new titles include:

Subscribers can log in to their FrameSAFE Dashboard to access these new resources online. Not a subscriber? Learn more about the FrameSAFE program here.

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